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The severe, prolonged dryness of the epidermis which often occurs in elderly people can lead to cracks and fissures in the skin of the feet.
Under these circumstances the biochemical and morphological integrity of the skin barrier, and recovery of barrier properties under stress conditions, are often both compromised.
This leads to low cohesion of the keratinocytes, increased skin shedding, and a decline in the global skin lipid content, especially of the sphingolipids and ceramides.
There is also a substantial, progressive change in the composition of the skin surface lipids produced by the sebaceous glands; these lipids lose components active against the free radicals, which are particularly harmful to the dermo-epidermal metabolism.
In skin aging processes there is also a change in the synthesis mechanisms of the matrix mucopolysaccharides, especially hyaluronic acid, leading to a deterioration in the elasticity and trophism of the skin.
All this can increase the penetration of dermatophytes, leading to the development of local mycosis and itching of the foot and ankle, which may be severe, seriously affecting the quality of life and making healing difficult.

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Normo-hydrating for topical use in cases of foot and leg dryness.

How to use: apply the cream at least twice a day onto the affected area and massage the product until is completely adsorbed. Thanks to the rapid adsorption and non-greasy nature, it is possible to wear shoes of any kind even immediately after the cream application.

Packaging: bottle 250 ml ℮

Component Activity
BIOTIN Epidermal renovation normalizer
CERAMIDE-3 Restructuring the epidermal lipid barrier
GLUCOSAMINE Restructuring the epidermal lipid barrier
HYALURONIC ACID Moisturizing and restructuring the extracellular matrix
RETINYL PALMITATE Epidermal renovation normalizer
SODIUM PYROGLUTAMATE Moisturizing and restructuring the extracellular matrix
TOCOPHERYL ACETATE Antioxidant activity
UREA Emollient
VEGETABLE SQUALENE Restructuring the epidermal lipid barrier


Medical device for topical use for the treatment of dysepithelialization of foot skin associated with fissures and ulcers resulting from their healing.

Medical Device C

Packaging: tube 100 ml ℮

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