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Podolife Project

Podolife is the Epitech project dedicated to the foot well-being.

Through the pharmacology of modulation that emulates the body's natural defence mechanisms, Epitech aims at the resolution of the main foot problems caused by dermal-epidermal hyper-reactivity phenomena inducing pain, pruritus, infection and structural changes in skin tissue and nails.

Foot diseases or podopathies may be due to particular foot loading patterns, bad posture, external stimulation or dysmetabolic conditions such as diabetes. If neglected, they have significant and negative repercussions on everyday quality of life up to limiting personal autonomy, especially in the elderly. Their control is fundamental to individual health and well-being.

Podolife project was born to give the Foot the central role it deserves in the medical field, and to resolve its pathologies through the pharmacology of modulation (or tissues hyper-reactivity). Specifically dedicated to the treatment of pathologies involving diabetic foot syndrome, elderly syndrome and nail apparatus, however, Podolife products have proved its effectiveness also for the issues affecting the athlete's foot.

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