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The dermal-epidermal neuralgia affecting the distal extremities, as foot and leg, is commonly perceived as a consequence of a number of primary diseases (herpes zoster, diabetes, superficial peripheral neuropathies associated with joint inflammatory pathologies, trauma of different origins and algodystrophy) and may result in alterations of epidermal trophism and local sensitivity. Dermal-epidermal neuralgia represents the most evident manifestation of a hyper-reactivity condition of the tissues, that involves both small fibers and cell lineages belonging to the immune system, particularly mast cells. Mast cells are thought to be the regulators of the nerve-epidermal trophism, and their hyperactivation involves the release of pro-inflammatory substances responsible for the alteration of the regular functionality of the nerve and epidermal tissues causing the onset of pain, tingling, and the loss of thermal or pressure sensitivity. The recovery of the regular dermal-epidermal mast cell reactivity and balancing the sensitivity of the nociceptive nerve endings, allows the control of the symptoms array typical in case of dermal-epidermal neuralgia. Capsipod® Complex – thanks to the presence of Adelmidrol, Low Dose Capsaicine and Menthol, acts both on the hyper-reactive tissue mast cell and on the sensitized nerve endings, recovering the nerve-epidermal trophism.

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Medical Device for topical use for the protection of the nerve-epidermal trophism of legs and feet.

Medical Device C

Packaging: bottle 100 ml ℮

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