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The Child is not an adult in miniature

The immune and nervous systems undergo a physiological maturation during childhood.

During this delicate phase the biological mechanisms that control inflammation, coordinated by the immune system, are not perfectly developed yet.

The physiological immune fragility in childhood, also associated with specific nutritional deficiencies, can result into Infantile Dermatitis and Auto-inflammatory Syndromes.

These are characterised by: periodic fever, pelvic or joint pain and other conditions of variable severity typically distinguished by skin rash and recurrent pulmonary infection.

These problems tend to resolve spontaneously as the child grows, but this is not a reason to underestimate them, because the immunity maturation goes in parallel with the correct development of the Nervous System.

In subjects vulnerable to auto-inflammatory syndromes an adequate intake of active ALIAmides is necessary to promote the optimal development of the biological mechanisms which control the inflammation while fully respecting the natural neuro-immune maturation.

The child epidermis and mucosae appear to be more sensitive to infections and irritating phenomena.

In fact, the protective function of the muco-cutaneous barrier has not yet reached the maximal efficiency against pathogens, allergens, chemical-physical and traumatic agents.

The muco-cutaneous mast cell, physiologically fragile in pediatric age, becomes hyper-active due to noxious stimuli (also having mild entity) and release inflammatory substances (e.g. histamine) causing pain, pruritus and swelling. These conditions are frequent in course of infantile dermatitis, phimosis and synechiae.

ALIAmides, through a topical application, are able to increase the endogenous levels of Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) controlling thus the muco-cutaneous mast cell reactivity and normalising the peripheral threshold of pain and itching of the inflamed tissues.

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