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Data Controller is the company Epitech Group S.p.A. unipersonale (hereinafter Epitech), in the person of its legal representative pro tempore Mrs. Raffaella della Valle - having its corporate headquarters in ITALY at 20144 Milan, Via Egadi, 7 - Vat no.IT03630550287.


Cookies are small "text files", made up of letters and numbers, downloaded and stored to the User`s (so called Publisher or "first party" websites) device by different sites or web servers (so called "third party") and sent back to them upon the next visit.

In general, cookies serve a wide range of functions, among which session monitoring, storing of information about specific configurations about visiting Users, facilitating online content fruition, etc. For example, they are used to track the items in a shopping cart online, or the information used to fill in a computer form.

The information collected by means of cookies might also be used to create a profile of the preference showed by the User during the navigation, or for the purpose of tailored advertising messages.


Through the informative Banner, that is displayed upon the first access of the User, our web site provides the detailed information, and the User might choose to give the consent, where necessary, in compliance with the cookies law requirements.

User, by closing the Banner with the proper button, gives the consent and allows us to use cookies according to the present Cookie Policy.

The Banner will be eventually displayed again upon a new access of the User, in the following cases:

  • changing of one or more conditions of data processing, therefore the Banner shows up to offer updated information;
  • should it be impossible, as website managers, to be aware of the fact that a cookie has already been previously activated;
  • at least 6 months have passed since the previous Banner display.

User can verify the cookies way of use by adjusting the privacy settings section of the browser. However, should the User block the cookies completely, the website, or part of its functions, might not work properly.

The most part of browsers provide the ability to accept or reject all the cookies, or to accept only a few (i.e., those from specific sites).

Cookies adjusting method differs for each browser.


Generally, there are several kinds of cookies:

  • essential cookies are those technically necessary to carry out the transmission of a communication on an electronic communication network, or to provide a service explicitly requested by the User. According to the current legislation on cookies, it is not required the consent to use and install essential cookies;
  • profiling cookies allow to recognise certain individual, identified or identifiable, specific actions or behavioural patterns. Actually, those cookies help to customize the supply of a service or advertising. To install and use of profiling cookies the User prior consent is required;
  • analytics cookies collect data about the usage and performance of the website itself anonymously.

Cookies may differ depending on the source:

  • "First-Party" cookies are those managed directly by the Publisher, which is the holder of the web site in which they are enabled;
  • "Third-Party" cookies are present in the Publisher web site, but are managed by subjects other than the Publisher.


This web site uses "technical" essential cookies. Profiling cookies are not used.

Technical cookies are used for purposes as:

  • authentication, validation and storage of specific technical data;
  • storage of preferences and improvement of web site features.

Among the technical cookies we find the functionality cookies, they are needed to best meet the User`s needs, for example they are used for the on-line purchase of an item and to put it in the shopping cart.

We remind that the User`s consent is not necessary to install and use technical cookies (including the functionality cookies) and that they are always active because, if disabled, it will become complex, if not impossible, to navigate and interact with the pages content of the web site.

Analytics cookies may be used to assess the efficacy of a service provided by the web site, or for the web site pages design/update, and to measure the site "traffic", i.e., the number of visiting Users, possible broken down for geographical areas, time slot of the connection and other issues.

That kind of cookies (both "active" and "inactive") can be included among the technical ones, and the User`s consent is not required if data minimization techniques are adopted in order to significantly reduce the power to identify a single User.

In our web site the use of those cookies is limited to carry out statistical analysis, preventing tracking of individual`s navigation across different applications or web sites. Epitech does not forward these data to Third Party.

The access to the web site and to its content is only for personal use and purposes (i.e. for personal information, research or study).
Without prejudice to any right, faculty or authority of third parties, in case of prohibited conduct Epitech Group SpA shall reserve the right to act according to the law.

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