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Sweating is a complex biological process, extraordinarily important in maintaining body temperature within a physiological range.
As such, it is finely regulated both at a central and peripheral level.
The activity of both eccrine and apocrine sweat glands increasingly appears to occur under local control of the neuroendocrine system, which is in turn regulated by mast cells.
These cells are located in the dermis and epidermis, and are characterized by an extraordinarily quick response.
This sensitive biological mechanism is also responsible - among other things - for the connection between sweating and emotional stress.
The heating effect of movement, the occlusive action of certain types of shoes, emotional stress as mentioned above and in particular the high concentration of sweat cells in the sole of the foot are all factors contributing to intense sweating (hyperhidrosis) in this body district.
This is a frequent cause of skin maceration and irritation, as well as the secretion of malodorous sweat (sole bromhidrosis).
Such concurrent factors will frequently contribute to the development of microbial bacterial and fungal infections, as well as episodes of contact dermatitis.

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Foot deodorant spray with antimaceration effect.

How to use: unless otherwise indicated by your podiatrist, spray the product once a day on your soles and interdigital spaces a sufficient amount by pushing on the spray device held at a distance of 15-20 cm from your feet. The no gas form of the spray permits full control of the amount applied. The hydro-alcoholic base of the formulation ensures the rapid adsorption of the product and leaves the foot perfectly dry, due to its high volatility.

Packaging: spray bottle 100 ml ℮

Component Activity
MENTHOL Refreshing
TOCOPHERYL ACETATE Antioxidant activity
ZINC RICINOLEATE Pre-odorant and anti-macerative


Tonifying anti-fatigue preodorant footbath. Physiological pH

How to use: fill the measuring beaker up to the mark (50 ml) with product, and mix in 3-4 l of lukewarm water. Thanks to the atringent and emollient properties of the active ingredients and the plant extracts, the product prevents excess perspiration and the build-up of bad smell. It also alleviates fatigue and the feeling of heavy feet. Your feet will feel rested, fresh, deodorized and the skin will look smooth and soft, in perfect conformity with its natural pH.

Packaging: bottle 250 ml ℮

Component Activity
BRUSCUS EXTRACT Anti-fatigue and astringent action
EUCALYPTOL Anti-fatigue and astringent action
HAWTHORN EXTRACT Anti-fatigue and astringent action
MENTHOL Refreshing
UNDECYLENIC ACID Bacteriostatic and fungistatic action
USNIC ACID Bacteriostatic and fungistatic action

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Medical Device for the topical treatment of hyperhidrosis and bromhidrosis in podiatry.

Medical Device C

Packaging: tube 100 ml ℮

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