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The lower extremities, particularly the feet, are the most frequently affected body part in term of diabetic complications.
Diabetics often show local lack of sensitivity, due to peripheral neuropathy, microcirculatory impairment and extreme proneness to infection.
These conditions frequently lead to foot skin lesions, which should be handled in time and with great care, since if left untreated tey may deteriorate to a various serious extent, leading ultimately to devastating surgical intervention.
It is essential to control localized epidermal tropism in diabetic foot by improving the physiological keratinization process, preserving and restoring a functional hydro-lipidic barrier as well as supporting an optimal post-ulcerous re-epithelialization.

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Medical Device for topical use with antioxidant and emollient action, normalizer of the epidermal turnover for the prevention of the cutaneous alterations of the diabetic foot.

Medical Device C

Packaging: bottle 250 ml ℮


Anti-oxidative stress emulsion, moisturizer and normalizer of epidermal turnover for the prevention of cutaneous alterations of the diabetic foot.

How to use: wash your feet twice a day using a sufficient amount of product then rinse the feet with plentiful running water. Dry carefully, with special care for the folds between toes.

Packaging: bottle 100 ml ℮

Component Activity
BIOTIN Epidermal renovation normalizer
ORTHODERMIC BASIS Non-aggressive detergent with physiological pH
TRANS-TRAUMATIC ACID Reepithelializing activity
TRICLOSAN Synergistic control of the microbial component
UNDECYLENIC ACID Synergistic control of the microbial component

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