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Hyperkeratosis and dryness of the foot skin are the most obvious symptom of a multisystem and multifactorial phenomenon that, in turn, is influenced by multiple endogenous (aging, metabolic diseases) and / or exogenous (mechanical, chemical, physical) stresses to which a structure as complex as the foot must continually adapt.
Systems as diverse as the vascular, nervous (both somatic and autonomic) and the immune participate in this phenomenon.
This inter-systemic regulation is managed by resident mast cells that act as a veritable "conductor" of the tissue's homeostatic balance.
The mast cell, in fact, controls the movement of water across the microvasculature, the activation and convergence of keratinocytes, the recruitment and activation of fibroblasts and, as a consequence the normal organization of collagen, the regulation of the "pain threshold" (peripheral sensitization), keratinization and trans-dermal loss of water (TEWL - Trans Epidermal water Loss).
In situations characterized by mast cell dysregulation, the symptoms of hyperkeratosis and dryness can worsen to the point of epidermal crak (a classic example is that of the heel) and the development of ulcerative lesions of the lower limbs.

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medical device with controlled keratolytic action for the treatment of severe hyperkeratosis of cutaneous foot tissue (e.g. hyperkeratosis of the heel) and increased thickness of the nail plate.

Medical Device C

Packaging: tube 30 ml ℮

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