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The frequent association of hyperalgesic states with alterations due to cutaneous renewal and the epidermal keratinisation process, all elements objectively detectable in the foot as callosities (tilomas) or as hyperkeratotic sites, indicates a clear functional interdependence between the nervous system innervating the skin and the cutaneous health status.
All the lesions detected by their symptoms and the associated hyperalgesia are a clinical evidence of a cutaneous hyperreactivity condition, locally induced by a mechanical hyperstimulation, like an excessive plantar pressure loading, or an excessive lateral and medial foot friction, or dorsally occurring on foot fingers.
The professional podiatric intervention of curettage in the hyperkeratotic sites of foot is essential to contain the progression of the symptomatic lesion and to adjust the excessive load pressure.
Nonetheless, the frequent persistence of localized dysesthesiain the site of the previous hyperkeratosis, suggests the need to synergize a podiatric intervention to a complementary topical approach focused on the recovery of the cutaneous normo-reactivity, through the association of principles simultaneously active on the neuroepidermal metabolism.

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Cutaneous reactivity normalizer to be used in areas affected by hyperkeratosis and localized tilomas after podiatry curettage.

Medical Device C

Packaging: 18 active patches - Ø 2 cm

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