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The cutaneous apparatus includes all those physical and cellular mechanisms, present from birth, which act quickly and almost indiscriminate against any external threat.

The skin belongs to the so-called defensive barriers and performs its protective function toward the external pathogens thanks to immune cell populations located in the epidermis and dermis.

In particular, the dermo-epidermal mast cell is considered the skin immunological sensor as well as the cell primarily involved in irritative/inflammatory reactions, pruritogene and pain.

The excessive dermo-epidermal mast cell activation is associated with various sufferings including: seborrheic dermatitis, chronic urticaria, allergic rhinitis, itching and nodularis sine materia.

A new pharmacological modulation of the mast cell, based on specific ALIAmidi responsible for: the muco-cutaneous absorption, the mitigation of irritative/inflammatory cutaneous states, and with a positive effect on itching, pain and swelling.

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