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Orthodermic cleanser with physiological pH (pH 5,0) complementary to treatment of female external genital area disorders. Specifically recommended for daily personal hygiene in course of vulvovaginitis (infectious induced by Candida, non-infectious, recurrent and cyclic), bacterial vaginosis, contact vulvitis, vulvar vestibulitis, vulvodynia.

Contact vulvitis and hypersensitivity in adult women, vulvar vestibulitis, premenopausal vulvodynia and postmenopausal dysesthetic vulvodynia, and infectious and non-infectious, recurrent and cyclic vulvovaginitis are all conditions characterized by a state of mucocutaneous hyper-reactivity sometimes sexually transmitted frequently associated with edema, redness of the vulvovaginal and vulvar epithelia, epithelial signs of parakeratosis or hyperkeratosis, and localized dysesthesia and hyperalgia.
In particular, dyspareunia associated with chronic vulvar vestibulitis represents a classic case of neuropathic pain supported by localized mucocutaneous hyper-reactivity.

How to use

Cleanse 2 or more times a day by applying a proper amount of product on the affected area. Rinse with warm water and dry carefully without rubbing.


bottle 100 ml ℮

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